Ragnarok M Eternal Love – Open Beta Coming Soon!


The exciting moment is almost here. <Ragnarok M: Eternal Love> (SEA Ver.) OBT will be available on October 31st!

The familiar maps and monsters are right in front of us, and nobody can wait any longer. So, let’s have a quick look of what’s to come in ROM.

Within Rune Midgard

Players are free to explore and experience the vast and beautiful land of Rune Midgard. Every quest and NPC within Prontera, Izlude, Geffen, Morro, and Payon will bring you a new and exciting story to help create amazing adventures.

The NPCs Have Returned 

Do you still remember the Kafra Lady that was always smiling and happy to help? She and all the NPCs you familiar with are back to the land of Rune Midgard. Let’s go and greet all of them.

In ROM, you can go to the Smile Assistance to craft headwear, go to Hollgrehenn to enhance your equipment, go to Ariel to heal, and of course the Kafra staff will take you to wherever you want.

Classic BGM

When mentioning RO’s BGM, you must be familiar with the “Theme of Prontera”, “StreamSide”, and all the classic in-game music. Now, those classic tracks have been updated by the composer ESTi, who has added some new elements to these familiar tunes. You will have a fresh and brand new experience in ROM.

Have fun collecting and listening to all the classic tracks in-game!

10 Jobs at the Beginning of the Adventure

The current version of this OBT will have 10 Jobs from the classic RO: Swordsman, Knight, Crusader, Mage, Wizard, Acolyte, Priest, Monk, Thief, Assassin, Rogue, Archer, Hunter, Merchant, Blacksmith, and Alchemist. All of these classic Jobs are now with 3D models, with even more detailed graphics.

After finishing all the Novice trials, you can choose the Job your heart desires in the Adventurers’ Hall.

Classic Skills Remake

All the famous skills in RO are available in ROM, such as ‘First Aid’ and ‘Play Dead’ which you can learn as a Novice. Imagine the first day of OBT, where there will be a ton of Novices wearing Eggshell headwear, running around in the Prontera South Gate and all Playing Dead.

After progressing to the job change, there will be even more skills for you to learn. Different combinations of builds will lead to different play styles, and with the adventure skills as well there will going to be so much to explore and learn.

Classic Combat

The MVPs in RO; like Baphomet, Angeling, and Moonlight, are truly challenging. Many players even set up timers to go and look for MVPs. In ROM, this gameplay style still stands! We’ve even set up a page just for sharing information and organizing MVP searches to let players know when MVPs will appear, and who has defeated them.

Besides that, the familiar PVP elements; Dojo and Endless Tower, will also be here. Plus, there will be some brand new party modes to do battle Time Rifts and complete the Monster Resistance. Players will experience a brand-new RO with all new memories to make!

Mobile Version – New Features

In this version of ROM, there will be a 360-degree selfie mode. Now, guild photos, selfies, and lovers photos are going to be so easy to take. You can bring the camera to every scenic place in Rune Midgard, allowing you to take beautiful and stunning photos. Also, don’t forget to check out the fantastic Ferris Wheels, and make sure to bring your loved one with you to hold hands.

The class RO record player in South Gate is now online. Look for the classic music tracks, and listen with your friends and guild mates!

New Social Feature: Holding Hands

In ROM, you can sit and chat with friends all day while using the cutest emotes and funniest gestures. But most importantly, you are able to hold hands with the one you love. Not just for posing in pics, but you can hold hands during combat, which will be the most effective motivation!

ROM brings love, freedom, passion, exploration, and the feelings first felt of the original RO. It lets you enjoy new ways of exploration, and forget all of the stresses of life.

October 31st, “Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver.” Open Beta welcome everyone to the world of ROM. Let’s begin the journey of love and friendship!


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