Random Games – SIEGE: Titan Wars


I recently found this game called Siege: Titan Wars, published by Game Alliance. If you like Castle Defense type games, you’ll definitely want to give this a try. The game is available on both the App and Play Store.

Unlike traditional Castle Defense type games where you have the side-scrolling view, Siege: Titan Wars uses the top-down view approach, something similar to Clash Royale. In fact, the reward system for the game is exactly like Clash Royale where you’ll be awarded a Chest whenever you win a battle. Similarly, the chest require “time” to open and although you can hold up to 4 chests at once, you’re only can open one at a time unless you “pay” for it.

You have 3 minutes to outplay your opponent. Different cards have different Mana Cost. Players will need to plan carefully which Card to play to effectively push your troops forward.

Game Alliance


Android Link
iOS Link


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