Rebellious Million Arthur (CN) – 30th March 2018 Launch!


Previously covered by kongbakpao, MA3 (Han-gyaku-sei Million Arthur) is nearing open-beta release in China! Brought to us by NetEase’s collaboration with Square Enix, this will be a refreshing new 3D Action MMORPG title for their classic IP.

iOS AppStore China Release date: 30th March 2018
Android APK Release date: 3rd April 2018

Raring to give the game a go already? You can get ready by registering for an account with our NetEase account registration guide.

From their homepage, 6 Arthur characters are introduced for character creation! They seem to belong to 3 different character types: Melee, Ranged and Magic. That looks like a great variety. Which Arthur will you choose to be?

In a content-rich attempt to make the IP trans-media, Square Enix will be releasing Rebellious Million Arthur’s animation as a tie-in with the game!

Are you excited to tryout the game when it releases? Stay tuned for more updates~ If the game is well-received, I will be covering more in-depth guides for the game including menu translations.

Official Mobile Game Site (CN)

Official Anime Site (JP)



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