Sword Art Online Code Register Event 4 – Gun Girl


It’s Miss Sniper Sinon’s week! Starting from last week’s premium Gacha, we see a new 5* Star Sinon and today’s event, we have a new 4* Sinon event for players to collect her.

Update 1

The cost of your main character will no longer increase every 10 levels. It will permanently be at 8cost (3*)

Update 2

The total cost of the team has been buff as follow

Old New
rank 1 23 28
rank 20 54 64
rank 30 57 76
rank 50 63 83
rank 100 80 100

Update 3

The following 5* character’s Sword skill has been increased:
Fire Kirito
Wood Asuna
Water Silica
Fire Lisbeth
Water Heathcliff
Wood Leafa
Fire Sinon
Wood Yuuki  (Zekken)
Wood Kirito (dual wield)
Fire Asuna

Update 4


Sinon Event Dungeon (Normal & Hard Mode)
Date: 22/1/2015 to  5-2-2015
Complete Normal mode to unlock Hard mode.


On the 8th Stage of Normal Mode, you’ll get a 3* water character (not sure who is she). Complete the Normal Mode and get a main character’s accessory.
On the 12th Stage of Hard Mode, complete it and you’ll get a 4* Sinon.
You’ll get a mix of Gems, Upgrade Hammer, Friendship points and Accessories when you complete the other levels.

Update 5

From : 22-01-2015 ~ 29-01-2015,
There is an increase drop rate for Upgrade Hammers to drop in Premium Gacha (Normal and Max Hammers)

Update 6

From 22-01-2015 ~ 29-01-2015,
The success rate for enchanting weapons will be doubled.


  1. Got a question, is it possible t make a guide of how those bonus items everyday are distributed? would realy like to know if its always 300 FP or if i can get even more if i do certain things ingame.


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