Sword Art Online Code Register – Out now on Android and iOS


The game that I believe most of you are waiting for is finally here (at least on the Android). Sword Art Online Code Register, Bandai’s next tap battle game has finally gone live after 3 months since it’s pre-registration.

Alright, I have not played the game far as of now as I’m still trying to re-roll my first 5-star character. However, if you’ve played brave frontier or One Piece Treasure Cruise, the game is similar where players need only to tap the characters and initiate attack.

kongbakpao_SAO_game3 kongbakpao_SAO_game2 kongbakpao_SAO_game1


Currently, the game has characters from the SAO, ALO and GGO arc. I believe they’ll add the Excalibur and Mother Rosario characters at a later date.

As I’m now busy rerolling, I promise I’ll be back with a proper review of the game and probably a quick guide through it’s interface.

Note: For those of you who do not know how to download overseas game on Android, download Qooapp and you can download the game’s APK file from there.

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Bandai Namco Inc.

Android Link
Android Link



  1. Sir, i’m just a newbie well a noob, i just want to ask. How to reroll and how to get that code? Where can i put the code? Sorry for the question. Hopefully you can help me. Thankyou! ✌️

    • You need to allow your phone to install unknown apps. You should have gotten a message telling you where to change this in the settings.

  2. I have been working on a version of Code Register with rough English translations of menu’s, buttons, and (roughly translated) tutorial dialog. Please note that not all of the game is translated. There are some elements I simply cannot find in the code to translate at this time, but I’m working on it.

    Although its still a work in progress, I plan on updating it regularly via Aptoide. A link where you can find the English beta app is as follows: isaiahfeldt.store.Aptoide.com.

    If anyone that can read/translate Japanese that’s better than Google translate could help me out would be greatly appreciated.

    One last thing. The app is bound to have many typos and bad translations. If you notice any issues or errors, let me know and I’ll include it in a future update.

    Thanks guys, and have fun.


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