Sword Art Online Memory Defrag – Coming Soon in 2017


Bandai Namco had recently held a press conference in Taiwan’s SHIRYOUKO STUDIO to talk about the global release of their upcoming mobile game, Sword Art Online Memory Defrag.

Pre-registration for the game has been going on for quite some time now and I was wondering why are they taking so long to launch the game. Now I know why.

It seems that the bigger Publishers in Japan are now trying to enter the global market as 1 big entity. Previously, publishers will launch games in different language regions which will end up neglecting some parts of the world. With this new all-in-one move, although games will take a longer time to release due to multiple localization however, the player base will be much bigger which means the less likelihood that the game will fall.  For co-op games such as SAO MD, it will be even more beneficial.

The game is slated to launch in 15 countries in 2017 which includes USA, France, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Pre-register Here


  1. man that took them longer compared to naruto blazing’s announcement timeframe for pre-reg. lets hope the rates for 4* is better but since its global i doubt it 😛


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