Sword of Shadows – Out Now on Android and iOS


Snail Games has announced the launch of their latest mobile MMO, Sword of Shadows. Download the game now if you think your mobile device is ready to handle some high-end graphics!

The ancient realm of Jianghu is once again under siege by dark and powerful forces. Each martial arts school is fierce and fearsome in its own right, but is any one faction strong enough to take control of the kingdom? In Sword of Shadows, players will embark on a journey to become a martial arts legend in a dazzling world powered by the second generation Flexi Engine.

Sword of Shadows is the latest epic martial arts MMO title from Snail Games. It is full of exciting gameplay features and dynamic battlefields, including the Team Arena, Sky Arena and Conquest, and more The game also includes flying skills, expanded quests, expanded guild functions, and more in a breathtakingly detailed environment.

I’m not really a fan of Mobile MMO as I really hate all the auto-walk features in my game. As you can see from my gameplay, almost everything in the game is automated and the only thing I could enjoy from the game is the graphics. However, if you do like the ancient Chinese Wushu kind of game, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy Sword of Shadows.

Snail Games


Android Link
iOS Link


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