The Walking Dead: Our World – Pre-Registration (Geolocation AR Shooter)


Previously announced in 2017 as a collaboration between Next Games and amc, The Walking Dead: Our World is now open to pre-registration for both iOS and Android. The game is currently soft-launched on Android in the Philippines.

This game might just be the next hit game to feature both geolocation and AR (Augmented Reality) mechanics after Ingress and Pokemon GO’s hype. It will be exciting to see how the game makes effective use of your surroundings to locate or run-away from zombies.

While the game looks really attractive to grab from APK sources immediately now, it unfortunately detects your location after the required Google Play login and prevents you from getting past the tutorial. The game does feel really polished even at the tutorial and you can check out some recorded gameplay from Youtube.

The monetization appears to using the trending lootbox card system where resources and content upgrades all require increasing amount of card pieces to level-up. Apart from firearms, players will be able to utilize helper characters to assist in battles.

There doesn’t seem to be any incentive for pre-registration yet but it will let you know when the game soft-launches or release at your region. Let’s hope zombies would quickly arrive at our place soon, wherever we are!

Pre-register at their homepage here






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