Tiny Tower Vegas – Build your very own Gambling Empire


NimbleBit‘s hit game, Tiny Tower has finally launched it’s sequal; Tiny Tower Vegas. The 16bit builder game is back with more features to satisfy your building crave.


If you haven’t play the original Tiny Tower series, here’s your chance to pick up one of the (IMO) better builder games out there on the mobile market.

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In TTV, players will expand their tower by building on another level over the other. Each time a level is completed building, it will randomly open-up as a Casino, Retail, F&B or Entertainment shop. Players will then hire employees by matching their “Dream Job” or Attributes according to the employees strength and matching them to the respective sector. For example, if Employee A with high stats (max 9) in Retail, he should be hired in the Retail level of your tower. However, if the Employee’s “Dream Job” is working in a XX Slots casino, players should prioritize and place him there instead.

For Veteran players who have played the Tiny Tower series, we know that upgrading your Lift is the most important thing as your tower grows, you want your lift to move up as fast as possible. Unlike the original Tiny Tower, TTV adds a lot of mini games where players are able to quickly earn Bux. Bux are cash currency needed to upgrade your Lift, shorten your building and restocking time. With these mini casino games, Bux has become a currency of importance rather then convenience. However, players will need to collect Chips (3rd currency) before you’re able to play those mini games.



Overall, I believe Tiny Tower Vegas is a good improvement of its predecessor and I would recommend the game to those who enjoys Builder-games. The game is not available both on the App/Play Store.

Here’s a short trailer for the game:

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