Unknown Heroes – Soft Launch


Nexon had recently soft launch their upcoming mobile game, Unknown Heroes on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. Players from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines are among the first to traverse time and space through gorgeous lands in modern Japan, futuristic Hong Kong and medieval Europe.

Unknown Heroes immerses players in a saga of long-forgotten heroes that must band together to save their homes from annihilation against an onslaught of evil extraterrestrial forces. Players must take the mantle of heroic champions from myth and legend through the ages to defeat formidable assailants.

The game is basically a simple turn-based RPG where you take turns to defeat your enemies. Similar to most games of the same genre, Unknown Heroes provides an auto-play function which you’ll find useful while leveling your characters. Players will battle through more than 150 campaigns, each with its own unique storyline, to thwart the forces of evil.

There’s also a raid system where you can co-op with your friends to take down powerful World Bosses.

Unknown Heroes is currently soft launched in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines. Currently, there are no pre-registration events going on thus the game might take some time before it’s global launch. For the latest information, you can follow their official Facebook Page.



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