It’s the Grand Final of the world’s largest video gaming festival, the 2019 World Cyber Games! And you can watch all the happenings in Xi’an, China via livestream! (Link at the end of the article.)

Witness the intense gaming action as the world’s greatest players face off against each other in games such as DOTA 2, Warcraft III, Hearthstone, Crossfire, Clash Royale, and Honor of Kings! You can also watch the best of the best players in the WCG 2019 Invitational Games for StarCraft II and the Clash Royale League!

Some notable pros to watch in WCG 2019 include: Hippomaniacs and Newbee (DOTA 2); Moon and TH000 (Warcraft III); TerrenceM and Exigo (Hearthstone); Black Dragons and Pacific Macta (Crossfire); JuicyJ and Efemgg (Clash Royale), and; DTeam and VSTAR (Honor of Kings).

WCG has gone beyond just games this year with the introduction of the New Horizons event. New Horizons showcases technological advances in gaming. The event includes the AI Masters football match between two opposing AI teams, the Robot Fighting Championship Ganker Arena, the Scratch Creative Challenge for kids, and the VR Championship for the RTS game Final Assault.

WCG 2019 won’t be complete without the Level Up TED Talk and Esports Conference wherein guest speakers discuss the future of gaming, technology, and esports.

And to lighten up the spirit of all the guests and viewers, WCG will be hosting Cosplay Parades featuring famous cosplayers from around the world such as Alodia Gosengfiao and the grand Cosplay Music Festival featuring world-renowned DJs Jeffrey Sutorius (Dash Berlin), Chace, and Tsunano.

The Grand Finals for Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Crossfire are scheduled for July 20 (Saturday) while the Grand Finals for Honor of Kings, DOTA 2, and Warcraft III, as well as the Invitational Games for StarCraft II and the Clash Royale League, are scheduled on July 21 (Sunday).

Watch the most anticipated games via livestream!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/team/wcg

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WorldCyberGames

For more information, visit the official website of the 2019 World Cyber Games.



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