What are the Best Strategy Games of 2018?


Gaming in 2018 has gone through a revolution. Gone are the days of wanting to play something that involves fast finger work and advanced hand-eye coordination as games that involve slow-burn strategy are occupying our time.

Since its inception, gaming has always attracted those who want to get their teeth into something more than just pointing and shooting; and, as technology has evolved, games that involve thinking as well as fast action have seemed to dominate. But what are the best strategy games 2018 has gifted us with?


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If you’re a fan of simpler strategy games, the pixelated Wargroove offers a chance to use tactical thinking on less of a tense game. Gaming is supposed to offer a slice of escapism and the comical pixels do exactly that. You move your warriors through lands and much like a turn taking dice game take turns to launch attacks on enemies. There are no surprise opponents – you can see who you’re fighting – and as with any good fantasy game, you can evoke magic and dragons to do your bidding. The game provides less of an intense campaign should you want it or can be turned into a strategy game that lasts a while.

Vikings: War of Clans

The advent of mobile gaming and its continued rise means that strategy games are no longer solely the domain of the hours-long slog sat at a desktop computer. Vikings: War of Clans is a real-time strategy game perfected for mobile audiences. As strategy is the key gameplay aspect, honing skills in building up a civilization or ‘clan’ and defending against or attacking enemies is key. One of the pulls of the game is that the computerized opponents are able to decipher strategies that are repetitive – such as building up brute strength and attacking opponents. This feature means your strategies need to be constantly evolving and adapting to ensure you are keeping up with your opponents.

Abandon Ship

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Abandon Ship is a strategy game that’s set somewhere completely different – in the middle of the ocean. You are in charge of a huge seafaring galleon, which comes under fire from rival ships, tentacled monsters, and a host of issues that can occur in your own ship. Strategy in Abandon Ship also calls for navigating from port to port and undertaking missions as you do so in an attempt to survive in the seas. The game takes strategy lovers away from the kingdoms and civilisations they need to build and defend and creates a microcosm on the ship, with an armada of enemies waiting for you.

Strategy games not only provide the escapism that gamers love, but they also give a chance to improve your intellect and tactical thinking abilities. Strategy games force you to think in terms of both the long-term and the short-term, with various issues that arise being dealt with as fast as new ones crop up. Gamers love getting their teeth into games and strategy games provide exactly that. You’ll come away from a successful campaign with improved overall gaming abilities and a feeling of accomplishment as your strategy has paid off.


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