Wonder Tactics – Launch Date Announced and Patch 1.0.6


Earlier today on the Wonder Tactics Facebook Page, Com2uS announced that Wonder Tactics will be launch globally on 13th January 2016! If you have not pre-registered for the game, this is your last chance!

Wonder Tactics is the first RPG to be in-house developed after the globally successful Summoners War. The game has 250 Heroes to collect with various ways to train or strengthen them, and encourages strategic game play by featuring a 3×3 grid battle formation system. Also, with the game featuring a wide range of PVE and PVP contents, you’ll rarely find yourself nothing to do or waiting for energy to replenish.

kbp_wondertactics_game2 kbp_wondertactics_game1

Patch 1.0.6 Update Highlights – 12 Jan 2016

1. Four New Heroes 


2. Energy Recharge Cost modified 


3. Other Changes

– The Dragon will no longer die from the reflected damage when Overcome Death is activated.
– Overcome Death will be changed from a debuff effect to a burn effect.
– Punir will become stronger to match the other bosses.

Please check out ingame for the detailed Patch Notes 

Remember, this is your last chance to pre-register for the game and get some valuable rewards when the game launches!

Pre-register here



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