World of Tanks Generals – Play The Number One Tank Game CCG Style


Wargaming today announced that World of Tanks Generals is now available on iOS tablet and PC browsers. This latest installment to the Wargaming universe puts unique tactical card combat in the hands of the player.

World of Tanks Generals brings a new twist on interactive and dynamic World War II-inspired warfare. Boasting over 200 cards across three nations (U.S.A, Germany and U.S.S.R.), players can construct their own unique deck to create the perfect balance of tanks, artillery and special orders. Skirmishes take place on the Bridgehead; prospective generals must strategically place their units within the grid, harnessing sudden strikes and tactical traps to protect their HQ and destroy the enemy HQ. Players can soldier their skills in training battles against AI bots and ultimately put their prowess to the test against real-life opponents in 1v1 battles.


World of Tanks Generals utilizes a modified version of the well-known Tech Tree—the deep progression tree—making it even easier for fans of other Wargaming titles to start their campaign. Cross-platform gameplay between iOS and web versions ensures a new challenger is always ready to jump into battle. You can use your Wargaming ID to play the game across both platforms.


There’s currently no news on the Android version yet but you can always play the game with your browsers.





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