ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR – Now Available on Android


isTom Games has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR. Players can now download this casual shooter game from your local Google Play Store.

The Z Virus has started to spread rapidly. You are the last hope to make a stop to the growing infection and get a cure for the remains of humanity! Snatch your best guns, storm the main zombie hubs and clear out the seemingly unending swarms. No zombies should be left standing or lurking around in the shadows or they will continue spreading the disease!

ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR is a simple First Person Shooter game with cartoony graphics. Players kill zombies, earn gold and unlock all kinds of power-ups and weapons to help defeat the zombie horde.

If you need a casual game to past time, ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR is here for you!

isTom Games


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