3 Best Free Android Emulators for Brawl Stars


Brawl Star is a freemium mobile video game shooter developed by Supercell. Supercell is a Finnish video game studio known for creating unique visually aesthetic games with a unique take on their premise. For example, Brawl Stars is a game that relies on pure skill and a little bit of luck here and there.

The game puts you in a 3v3 situation where you must traverse a large arena styled map and get rid of enemies in an endless battle sprawl. The team with the highest number of kills end up being labeled the victor.

You gain access to tons of different exciting new weapons as the match progresses. Plus, you can also choose your character, with each having its unique base states, character set, lore, and personality. These features have added a lot of variety to the game over the years. Moreover, with the introduction of gear and powerups in recent updates, a massive influx of new players popped into the game to have some three vs. three actions.

The developers at Brawl Stars have kept the game alive by introducing new seasonal updates ever so often. With the introduction of cosmetics and new characters ever so often, the developers have always added a fresh breath of air whenever the game seems to be stale.

Moreover, recent seasonal updates have also added competitive modes to Brawl Stars, which lets players compete with each other in a series of battles that determine their elo or rank points. They are then consequently matched with players of the same caliber and shot at going to the top 1000 leaderboards in their respective regions.

One thing you might notice amongst all these high-level players is their frequent use of a powerful Android Emulator. These emulators provide you with an inherent advantage over everyone else and let you compete at the highest level with stability and no lag. Here is a list of our three best emulators for Brawl Stars.

LDPlayer Emulator:

Arguably one of the best Android Emulators out there, LDPlayer has cemented itself in gaming legend by supporting gaming behemoths like PUBG Mobile on their first day of release. Moreover, the Emulator is known for its consistent updates and developer support alongside heavy community feedback that has shaped the Emulator for years. It’s definitely a good idea to play Brawl Stars on PC with LDPLayer.

LDPlayer Features:

  • LDPlayer allows players to experience smooth, lag-free gameplay on Brawl Stars with frame rates going up to 240 FPS with specific Gamer Boost oriented features that eliminate any network lag.
  • The Emulator allows you to run multiple instances of any game simultaneously to play the game on multiple accounts, or you can create different accounts at different MMRs for your gaming pleasure.
  • There are an in-built video-recording and screenshot feature that lets you save your favorite Brawl Star frags with no impact on your system resources at all.
  • The Emulator provides you with a special boost feature with specific key binds for Brawl Stars and makes your gaming sessions much more stable.
  • LDPlayer has a clean, aesthetic, minimal UI that enhances your gaming experience.

BlueStacks Emulator:

A well-known emulator, BlueStacks too is packed with a lot of features and is known to run games at extremely high frame rates with inherent advantages over some emulators due to its long-standing history with game developers.

BlueStacks Features:

  • BlueStacks runs games at up to 200 FPS with stutter-free, smooth gameplay in most scenarios.
  • The Emulator runs the latest compatible version of Android, ensuring that there are no compatibility issues whatsoever.
  • BlueStacks has its in-built macro features that let you record key binds and execute them on your own.


NoxPlayer is another emulator that has taken the gaming world by storm. The Emulator lets you enjoy the latest Android games, software, E-Books, and more for absolutely free.

NoxPlayer Features:

  • NoxPlayer provides you with multiple different features such as dedicated key binds, game controls, multi-instance synchronization, and more, etc.
  • NoxPlayer runs on Android 7, which is the usual OS requirement of every high-performance mobile game generally.
  • The Emulator provides you with an ultimate gaming experience that turns you into an ultimate professional mobile gamer within a few weeks.


All three of these emulators run Brawl Stars well. But, if you look into the nitty-gritty, it is quite easy for you to see a particular emulator that takes it one step further. According to our expert analysis, LDPlayer is arguably the best Emulator for you to play Brawl Stars. This particular analysis confirms that LDPlayer runs at the highest frame rate while not compromising security or smoothness.

BlueStacks is a viable alternative, but LDPlayer will garner better results due to its optimization for older hardware if you are running a low-spec system.




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