DRAGON BLAZE Updated With New Bodens


Gather your allies and get ready to embark into the Fiery Land; a new region being unlocked with the newest update to Dragon Blaze!  As war continues to ravage the land and stronger foes emerge, players will be able to invoke the power of four new legendary Boden allies to protect the world from annihilation.

Judge Shadow Howl

Being the leader of the Boden allies, Judge Shadow Howl knows how to cause mayhem on the battlefield.

  • Freeing Oppressed Souls Deals damage to a single target, and removes all buffs from the target. Deals additional damage for every buff the target has.
  • The Ugly Truth Deals AOE damage which also places a debuff on enemies, causing any damage inflicted onto you and your allies to also be done to the enemy.
  • The Absolute Future Places a curse on the enemy for 10 seconds. Once the curse expires, the enemy will die. If target is immune to instant death, the target takes massive damage.

Chaser Tracy

Chaser Tracy has spent a lifetime acclimating to the harsh cold environment of the Icy Lands.  With her trusty blunderbuss “Raytheon”, Chaser Tracy will ensure the safety of her land and storm bear friends.

  • Tracking Missile– Deals damage to a single target, summons a bear companion, and places a 12 sec debuff on the enemy which increases the damage received from Chaser Tracy and her summoned ally.
  • Flare – Inflict damage onto one enemy, and reduces target’s accuracy by 100% for 8 seconds.
  • Special Missile – A single target damaging ability which will also deal splash damage to enemies surrounding the target. Special Missile can also remove Paladin shields.

Shaman Doll Margaret

Childlike in appearance, Margaret has been known to pull a fast one over her enemies with her ability to summon powerful allies to fight alongside her.

  • Flame Doll Explosion – Deals AOE damage to enemies, with an additional 70 % damage over 12 seconds.
  • Gigantic Bumpy Doll – Adds Attack and Attack Speed buffs to Margaret and her summoned companion.
  • Crawl, Doll of Chaos– Throws out her doll which stuns enemies for 3 seconds. Once the doll has hit its targets, a random Boden, Draco, or Archangeli will be summoned to assist Margaret and her allies.

Divine Hammer Drunken Falcon

Drunken Falcon is the king of the Northern Mountains as well as being a master blacksmith who crafted all of the Bodens’ weapons. Drunk Falcon nobly protects his kingdom from dark forces.

  • Scripture of Judgement- Seals an enemy inside his book. The enemy loses 10% HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • God’s Wrath Deals moderate AOE damage. Any target killed within 9 seconds of being hit cannot be revived.
  • The Path of Light – Makes all allies invulnerable for 8 seconds.

New World Boss: Disgael

Residing in the new Fiery Land zone, Disgael will be the next Boss Raid encounter adventurers will be able to battle. Once an angelic servant of good, Disgael turned his back on his allies and has been forever banished to the Fiery Land. Now, looking to seek vengeance, Disgael is driven by a ferocity only matched by King Gram himself.

New Region: Fiery Land

Players can venture into a new region, Fiery Land. Bodens must exercise extreme caution while navigating through the multiple frozen stalagmites which are riddled throughout Fiery Land.

With the release of four new Boden allies, a new zone, and new raid boss, Dragon Blaze will also be raising the level cap from 83 to 86, providing 10 additional ally slots, and will have over 39 new allies in the next update.


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