Summoners War : Event for 4/7/2014 – 6/7/2014


Captured from Taiwanese source. This weekend’s event will allow summoners to acquire 4* Wind Undine.

Details as follow:


Event Date:2014.07.04 ~ 2014.07.06

– Secret Dungeon with 4* Wind Undine
– Collect Undine summoning pieces to summon a 4* Undine

To participate
1) Challenge the secret dungeon

2) There are 3 levels to the secret dungeon
– Level one has a chance to drop a summoning piece
– Levels two and 3 will 100% drop summoning piece/s

3) Collect 50 Summoning pieces to summon Undine

※ PS: The dungeon is really difficult, Summoners please proceed with care

That’s it ! be sure to catch Undine this coming weekend~





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