Abyss Horizon – Ship Maidens, Arriving in 3D Goodness


Can’t get enough of awesome collection of ship maidens from Kantai Collection or Azur Lane? Abyss Horizon by MorningTec is open to both pre-registration and registration for its Closed Beta which will begin on 13th April 2018. The game offers your standard lovable ship maidens (each representing a particular naval ship) in 2D while integrating full 3D models of them into the exciting gameplay. It definitely is quite the looker on offering a much more immersive environment on taking your ship maidens to war against enemies.

The core gameplay appears to let players “ride” their favorite characters into battle, surfing to collect stars along the way. The boss fight battle plays out in real-time with traditional APRG controls but in an oceanic setting instead.

As mobile game technology improves, you can’t be surprised that the game comes with AR functionality where you are able to pose your gorgeous ship maidens to take pretty pictures of them.

Excited yet? The Closed Beta indicates to be only limited to up to 2,000 players. Try to register on their homepage soon for a one-way ticket aboard the cruise!

MorningTec Japan Inc.

Official Site
Closed Beta Pre-Registration Page



  1. First we had real ships.

    Then we had 2D ships, KanColle.

    Then we had Live2D ships, Azur Lane.

    Now we’re having 3D ships, Abyss Horizon.

    Clearly the next evolution is a TCG.


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