ArcaneSoul – Side Scroller ARPG


As more RPG games are shifting towards the multi-player function or Gacha-based element, it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered a single player RPG game on the App store, let alone a decent one.



Released by mSeed, Arcane Soul is a new action-packed side-scroller ARPG game that boast a 60 fps smooth combat gameplay.

There are currently 3 playable characters. The first 2 characters; Luke and Ellisa wields a sword and possess magical powers that will stomp through the enemies. Players are free to build their characters towards a more melee oriented fighter, magic oriented mage or choose to balance them off to create a all-rounded hero. The 3rd character, which will only be unlock after completing ACT4, is a dual wielding elf named Lith. She’s an Archer thus playing her on a ARPG game can be quite interesting, giving players a new variety of gameplay.


There are 47 different skills to unlock, most of which are shared amongst the 3 characters meaning that you only need to unlock them once. There are 24 weapons and 12 armor items with 45 random options. Items are classified into 5 different rarities (Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Legend)

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There are a few things that I like about the game. Firstly, the combat does actually feels smooth with its 60 FPS. The UI is also quite decently placed and responsive even when playing on the small screen iPhone. Secondly, I like the random stats generated on the equipment. It pro-longs the game play as players farm for better rarity and stats equipment. This will come into play when playing the “survival mode” challenge. Lastly, character building is one of those things that is at the brink of extinction from RPG games. In ArcaneSoul, you can build your character as a melee , mage or well-balanced character by adding different stats (Str, Vit, Dex, Int).


The game is out now on both App and Play Store.

mSeed Co., Ltd

Android Link
iOS Link



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