Astral Chronicles – Soft Launch


uBeeJoy has announced the soft launch of their upcoming mobile game, Astral Chronicles. Sadly I’m not sure which region is it launched at but definitely not Singapore.

Since I’m unable to download and try the game, I’ll just describe the game based on what I can find on YouTube. Astral Chronicles is a Turn-based JRPG played a little similar to the recently released Another Eden. There are storylines to follow in the game, maps for exploration and “not-so-random” encounter for Players to battle with. What do I mean by that?

Instead of triggering random battles, the monsters are actually moving on the map thus when you touch them, you’ll then start to engage in battle. Combat wise, it is a side-scrolling turn-based battle that is similar to the typical Hero Collection game. With that said, there is still units for you to gacha similar Another Eden.

As for the actual game review, I’ll have to wait until the game is release in my region.





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