Azur Lane – Pre-registration Begins!


Yostar has announced the pre-registration campaign for the upcoming global version of Azur Lane. Fight mysterious enemies, explore the high seas, and recapture the past with a diverse fleet of ships!

Previously only available in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese version, Azur Lanehas enjoyed phenomenal success throughout 2017, with over 5 million users battling on the Japanese server alone. Fans also nominated it as one of Google Play’s top five games of 2017. The Global version is scheduled for an English release this year.

About Azur Lane
Take to the high seas in Azur Lane, a thrilling shoot-em-up side-scroller that will surely put the wind in your sails. The story follows the naval battles of WWII, in which anthropomorphize versions of real warships square off for an epic showdown. Collect different ships to form your own battalions and fight against a dark enemy that threatens the whole world. Will international military alliance Azur Lane be able to construct a fleet to compete with the mysterious “Sirens” and regain control of the sea? Or will evil drown humanity in despair?

Pre-register now and unlock milestone rewards which include an exclusive character, USS Yorktown.

Pre-register Here
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