Beasts Evolved – Develop Your Own Ancient Monsters!


Reality Squared Games has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Beasts Evolved (超進化物語:起源). Currently, the game is available only in most Asian Country’s App and Play Store.

Beasts Evolved is a side-scroller, Monster Breeding RPG. Although the game looks some what similar to the Rhythmic game called Patapon, the gameplay is totally different.

In Beasts Evolved, Players can create a team of up to 5 monsters to defeat your enemies. Each monster has it’s own role and weapon effect that can either “knock back” enemies or deal large amount of damage to the enemies. Monsters that are bigger sized are also more resistant to knock backs which can help to protect your glass cannons at the back lines.

These are important factors to take note when you’re evolving your monsters or when adding their passive skills.

Currently, the game is only available in Traditional Chinese while the English version is slated to release sometime late July or Early August. For those of you who can read Traditional Chinese, you might want to give the game a try while waiting for the English version.

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