BIGBANG Joins Tower of Saviors Endorsement


Tower of Saviors (HK/TW/MAC region) has announced Korean K-Pop group BIGBANG as their next list of Endorsers. Also, they will be featured in the Special Event, 『Lost Relic』 for players to collect their cards.



Below is the sneak peak on what’s to come

【Sneak Peek: Tower of Saviors Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』 – BIGBANG Conjurers】


『BIGBANG Conjurers』 are masters of the 5 elements. Under their leadership, the Attack of team members of the same Attribute would be increased, while Attacks could be launched when recovering. Their understanding of elements and quick response could help Summoner seize the right moment of triggering the dual effect of changing elements, which may be triggered again immediately, to elicit more powerful Attacks.


★Skills of Characters:
Leader Skill: The Dual Effect – Attribute Attack x 200%. 50% effect of Attribute Runestones would be elicited when Heart Runestones are dissolved (No superimposing).


Active Skill: Conversion – Turn any 3 Runestones into Attribute Runestones (Heart is of top priority). This skill may be able to reactivate immediately.

I admit, I don’t play TOS and I only updated this because I’m a semi BIGBANG fan >.<

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