Birdie Crush – Now Available Worldwide


Com2uS has announced the official launch of their latest mobile game, Birdie Crush. If you’re a fan of the fantasy golf genre, download the game now from your local App or Play Store.

Two years after it’s first close beta test, Birdie Crush is finally ready to meet the world. If you’re a fan of the fantasy golf genre, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Birdie Crush takes place in the magical world of Tribain Kingdom where golf is the number one source of entertainment. The prestigious golf school, Delion Bridge Golf Academy, is where players will meet Birdie Crush‘s charming and talented students – Erin G. Bird, Kris Lowell, Lucie de Bei and Martina Glow – who are vying to be the best golfers in the kingdom. Collect various outfits and customize character’s abilities to strategize your particular playstyle in Birdie Crush‘s variety of single player and multiplayer modes.

Birdie Crush includes an array of game modes including:

  • Match Mode – Face-off against an online opponent in real time based on rank and collect match coins to win a random box filled with various items. Win weekly season rewards based on ranking.
  • Single Mode – A single player league featuring various tournaments, event matches and more.
  • Team Ranking – Challenge other teams with up to four members each and purchase powerful items with your team ranking coins. Since this mode is autoplay, players must strategically choose the right characters, based on stats and skills, to gain the upper hand on specific courses.
  • Friendly Match  Play a casually competitive match against friends online.
  • Golf Lesson – Learn how to play Birdie Crush and receive rewards for completing lessons.
  • Event mode – Special events with unique themes and stages will occur throughout Birdie Crush which will reward in-game currency to purchase items






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