Bleach Brave Souls Basic Guide One

Hello Guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a guide. Please leave a comment below if I’ve left out anything or ask me questions when I’m streaming the game. To know more about the gameplay, you can check it out here!

Disclaimer: I can’t read Japanese so these translations are based on the many past Japanese Game experiences thus the text are loosely translated. 

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1. Basic Interface


Stamina Ticket:
Blue Ticket (Story Mode) – Regenerate 1 stamina every 15 minutes.
Red Ticket (PVP Mode) – 5 per day (TBC)

Gem – 25 Gem/Gacha, 1Gem/Stamina Refill (Buy in bulk for discount), Use for upgrading Stat Tree without the need for Material Stone.
Friendship Points – Buy Exp boost at the cash shop
Kon Coins – Use to purchase characters in the PVP Shop

2. Options


3. Sell Menu


4. Party and Upgrade Interface

4.1 Party Interface


Drag and Drop the characters you want into your party.

4.2 Upgrade Interface

Tap and hold onto a character’s portrait to open up the upgrade menu.


4.2.1 Stats Tree and Level

IMG_1465 IMG_1466

There are 2 ways to upgrade your stats tree:
1. Collect enough upgrade stones from daily dungeons
2. Using Gems

The higher rarity your characters are, there will be more tiers of stats for players to enhance.
kbp_attack – Attack
kbp_crit – Critical
kbp_defence – Defence
kbp_friendslot – Support Slot
kbp_hp – HP
kbp_leaderskill – Leader Skill
kbp_magic – Magic Attack

Daily Dungeons
Day Upgrade Stone
Monday Magic
Tuesday Attack
Wednesday Defence
Thursday HP
Friday Critical
Saturday Gold
Sunday Gold


4.2.2 Level Upgrade


There are 3 different EXP Prisms.

Small – Gives 25 exp
Medium – Gives 125 exp
Big – Gives 1250 exp

Exp Dungeons are opened twice a day at 12pm-2pm and 6pm – 8pm (Japan Time GMT+9).

Normal Mode – level 4 monsters
Hard Mode – level 10 monsters
Very Hard Mode – level 25 monsters

4.3 Level Cap


In Bleach Brave Souls, you are not allowed to evolve your characters to the next rarity level. However, you are still able to upgrade them by uncapping their max level. Players will need to sacrifice folder cards to level up the level bar. Try to feed only the same character as it gives a huge boost to the exp.

Character Rarity Max Level Max Level after Uncap
1 20 40
2 30 50
3 40 60
4 50 70
5 60 80

4.4 Support Character


Support characters adds extra stats for your main character.

5. Social Panel


Feel free to add me with the friend id in the screenshot!

6. Gacha and Cash Shop

kbp_bleachbs_interface9 - Copy kbp_bleachbs_interface10 - Copy

1 Roll – 25 gems
10 Roll – 250 gems (1 4* Guaranteed)

Here’s my 10 rolls:

7. Story Mode


Getting full 3* for each stage will net you 5 Gems:
1 – Stage Completion
1 – For every Star (3)
1 – For getting all 3 stars

These are the requirements for 3* that I’ve encountered thus far:
1. Complete Stage
2. Don’t let any characters die
3. Complete within Time Limit
4. Deal x combos
5. Use x character and complete the stage

8. PVP

PvP in Bleach Brave Souls are full automated. Players will form your own team and start fighting.


There are 4 Divisions in the game. Meet the requirements and climb up the ranks to compete for better prizes!

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