Bleach Brave Souls – English Version Launched


KLab Games has just ninja launched the English version of Bleach Brave Souls. Apparently, you can download the game from the US Play and App Stores. Bleach fans, what are you waiting for?

Based on the story from the original Manga, Bleach Brave Souls is a Action-RPG where players are able to fight Hollows with your favourite Bleach Characters. Similar to One Piece Treasure Cruise, for those of you who are not familiar with the story of Bleach can, through the game, get a brief summary of the Manga.

bleach_game4 bleach_game1


The controls of the game are quite intuitive. Players will control your characters with the virtual joystick. You can double slide the screen to help your characters rollover and dodge attacks. Skills are determined by the rarity of your characters. 1-2* characters will only have 1 normal skill, 3-4* characters will have 2 normal skills and 1 special skill while 5* characters will have 3 normal skills and 1 special skill.

bleach_game2 bleach_game3

I’m quite surprised that KLab launched the same version of the game as with the Japanese servers. Hopefully this will not affect the speed of new events or content updates. I’m not sure which countries the game is currently available but it’s definitely in the US stores.

KLab Games


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