Bleach Brave Souls Event 3 – Watermelon Fest


I guess this is kind of a filler event. Although Ichigo was suppose to enter the Shinigami world, the Gotei 13 members decided that since it’s Summer time, might as well come into the world and participate in a watermelon splitting tournament

Event Details

Earn Points by splitting Watermelons you can find throughout the stage. You can also earn bonus points by completing the stage earlier than the “target” time.


Similar to the previous event, reach certain amount of points and you’ll be able to get various rewards. The final reward at 50,000 points is a 4* Tōshirō Hitsugaya card.


Also, for every 1000 points you get, you will randomly be rewarded Gold, Stones Stamina Tickets or Gacha Tickets. You can also get the 4* Tōshirō Hitsugaya card once daily up to 4 times during this stipulated time.


Ranking Board


This time, they’ve included a ranking system for the event. Basically if you are able to achieve top 1000 rankers in terms of points, you’ll be able to get a free 5* Tōshirō Hitsugaya card. That’s 10 days of hardcore watermelon farming!

Higher Score

To help gain a higher score, you need to equip the latest Summerfest Gacha characters as your leader to get these multipliers:

5* – 1.3x
4* – 1.2x
3* – 1.1x


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