Bloodline – New Job Change Patch


Cherry Credits has announced the launch of Job Change in their hit mobile card battle RPG Bloodline. Unique to Bloodline, the Job Change feature allows players to advance their Heroes further and create a squad that is distinctly theirs.

Starting 29 December 2015, Bloodline’s Job Change feature will be available for heroes who have reached level 40 via the Job Change button on their character info screen. Each of the five hero classes has its own set of Job Advancements that players can choose from, but heroes of the same class will have different advancements available to them; for example, Queen Ara, a Priest, can choose from Divine Messenger and Archon, while Choir Angel, also a Priest, can choose from Martial Arts Mistress and Archon. Players are able to switch between advancements without losing any leveling progress in any of their job advancements.



In order to unlock and use the Job Change System, players must first reach squad level 30. This will make them eligible to participate in the Headhunter Warlords event, which consists of a series of increasingly difficult challenges that conclude with a battle with one of the five class masters of Bloodline. Defeating these challenges will grant class-specific Job Change Scrolls and Energy, both of which are necessary for heroes to select and boost their job advancement. Job Change Scrolls and Energy can also be earned at the Growth Task window by defeating various stages in the Headhunter Warlords event.


There are a variety of advancements for players to experiment with in the Job Change system that grant various passive abilities, allowing players to further fine tune their squad strategy to counter specific threats. Warrior heroes, for example, can select the War God advancement that grants defensive bonuses while slightly lowering offensive power. Conversely, they can select the Life Drinker advancement for a significant damage bonus at the cost of defense.


After using Job Change Scrolls to unlock and select a job advancement, players can boost their heroes’ advancement using the Energy they earned from the Headhunter Warlords event. Doing so increases their HP, ATK, DEF, and REC with each new level. The level cap for leveling up a job advancement is the same as the hero’s current level.


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