Bong Chaos! – China Indie Launches Closed Beta


Hey all Pao-ers! We hope that your days has been awesome with many recent releases of decent mobile games. Today, I wish to introduce all of you to a China-based Indie that have just launched their closed beta via APK on their website. You will be required to have a QQ account to play the game which can be created from their English registration portal here.

The game is titled Bong Chaos! and this is something that I have been following for a while on China AppStores. It is developed and self-published by indie studio Ginicat. Self-publishing is usually a really rare attempt for any Chinese mobile title. In any case, this is quite the unique game both in terms of aesthetics as well as gameplay. Players select units to engage in matchmade PvP fights where they drag-and-drop their units into the arena. They try to fight for territorial advantage by having units stand on the middle and opponent’s base areas in order to win the match.

Instead of traditional Gacha and Lootbox functions, the game utilizes a capsule catcher machine to get additional characters, resources and fragments to improve the players’ party loadout. This is actually a pretty cool monetization approach in my opinion. Based on the current closed beta mechanic, players get to win extra tries after PvP attempts.

The game introduces unconventional but aesthetically pleasing interfaces where they do slanted designs. So far, both look and responsiveness felt great. There are rooms for improvements nonetheless such as more information to tell players about their party strength.

Are you interested to give it a try? It’s definitely quite refreshing and awesome to know that an indie game offers this level of creativity amidst conventional mobile titles. Do take note that the game is still in closed beta and might be subjected to some device incompatibility; bugs and account data reset.

Official Site
Chinese Development Blog

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  1. Hi Thomas. I have found out from their official Chinese chat groups that they have released a new APK version but it is only accessible to people that join their private group which they are accepting on a limited basis. I will attempt to get into the group but no guarantees. Thanks for highlighting the problem! If I have successfully obtain the new APK, I will let you know~

  2. Was the APK downloaded successfully with the icon loaded? You may try joining their QQ private group number at 694114854 instead of the given one. On the verification prompt just type literally anything, I used “好的” as an answer if you want to copy paste. After getting into the group chat screen hit the top right button to enter the group settings, there should be a (files) icon. Hit that and you will see the APK, that’s the source I have downloaded from.

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