Brave Fantasia


MSF Inc. has recently released a new mobile game, Brave Fantasia. The game is currently available in Japan’s Play and App Store.

As you can guess from the tile, Brave Fantasia is a Tap-battle RPG game played similar to Brave Frontier (they are not related). However, unlike most Tap-battle RPG games where a party consist of 5+1 characters, Brave Fantasia’s party only consist of 3+1 characters.

kbp_bravefantasia_game3 kbp_bravefantasia_game2

Combat of the game is simple. You tap to attack, slide up for skills and you slide down to defend. What’s different from the other tap battle games is that you can actually change your leaders during battle. Each character has it’s own Leader Skill so changing them according to fights will help in winning tougher battles.

kbp_bravefantasia_game4 kbp_bravefantasia_game5

They are other features such as PVP, crafting, and Raid bosses in the game. The only thing that really stands out is the colourful character designs. If you need a brand new tap battle game, hurry and download Brave Fantasia now!



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  1. Easy to play, easy to rank up, easy to level, almost everything is easy except for getting 5*, anyway a good of 4* is good enough to finish the content, just need a team consist of an AoE (which is the starter) & 2 DPS (unit with x7-9 single target attack skill) which you can get a 4* for free from a unlimited reroll.

  2. So Confirmation Sakuya chan collaboration No 0 2 “Unit evolution” to “Petit Metapurin” to evolve “Metaprin rewards: Metapurin key x 1 in 12 more days I’m having problem understanding who metapurin is when that’s the only mission I have left to finish I don’t understand pls send me a picture of Metaprin and explain to me how to finish that mission 🙂


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