BRAVELY ARCHIVE D’s Report – Out now on Android and iOS


Bravely Archive D’s Report is finally out on the Playstore. Fans of the “Bravely” series will definitely be loving this!


The game is set a few hundred years after the events happened in Bravely Default on a parallel universe. The main character, is a young librarian who wants to collect all the relevant history and knowledge of the world. The young librarian will have to travel all over the world to recover the lost knowledge and memories that is trapped within the Giant Crystal.





Players will have to go through different stages which have comes in the form of placement boards (similar to a Monopoly board). When your characters come into contact with a spot with monsters, combat will begin automatically. As players advance later into the game, there will be more crossroads to choose from and more difficult monsters to kill.  
kongbakpao_bravelyArchive_game3 kongbakpao_bravelyArchive_game2


The combat for the game is easy to pick up but tricky to master. Basically, the game utilizes the turn-based combat system. Players will have to decide whether to do normal attack (swipe left), hit the enemy up to set up for air combo (swipe up), and finally, swipe down to hit the enemy down from the air to deal a high amount of damage. There’s also a turn-bonus to look out for. Depending on the kind of crystals you have during your turn, it will decide whether your attack will be AOE, Single Target, with Heals and more.

kongbakpao_bravelyArchive_game4 kongbakpao_bravelyArchive_game5

When your characters Limit break bar is fully charged, you can unleash his/her limit break to deal tons of damage to the monsters.




The game is out now on the Japanese Android store. As usual, you can download the game through QooApp. I’m busy re-rolling for my 5-star now so… I’ll write more once I actually start exploring the game! You can enter my code : g2E8 at the start of the game to get 10 free gems

Join the English Group here :


Android Link
iOS Link



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    You will get 10 Diamond per invite & if the Invitee reaches level 10, you get another 10 Diamond.

    After inputting your IGN, the 2nd row is for input of invite code : )


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