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Gazia Games have recently launched their first mobile game, Brawlstar Legends. If you like playing MOBA games but do not have the time to commit, here’s a game that can quench those thirst of yours, conveniently on your mobile devices.

Developed by Gazia Games, a new start up from Singapore, Brawlstar Legends is a 2v2 MOBA, specifically designed and conceived as a compact and satisfying experience for the mobile environment.

The objective of the game is to move your Champions on a single screen map, attack opponent creeps and Champion(s) and ultimately, destroy their Nexus (towers) within 3 minutes. Think LoL with only 2 lanes plus the camera angle from Clash Royale.

Each player plays a unique champion that has three fixed skills, as well as a loadout of two customized spell selection. Different spells synergizes with different champions. Currently, there are 9 different Champions and 8 different Spells that Players can unlock.

Every battle is designed to slowly build up toward a satisfying end within the time of 3 minutes. The game removes the hassle of the “farming” phase which allows Players to quickly dive into “killing mode”.

Controls are pretty simple, you move your characters with the drag-and-drop motion. Skills are also cast through the drag-and-drop motion. However, you’ll need to tap on your skill icons before you can cast them.

The game’s reward system is a little similar to Clash Royale’s chest system. Players can use orbs to open Shard Packs. Once you have collected enough shards for a certain Champion, you can level them up to increase the stats. However, as with any other games with such system, occasionally you’ll find yourself fighting with people way above your league. If you had watched my gameplay video above, you’ll realised that all 3 matches were fought with higher level opponents. The problem with higher level Champions is that they have more HP, Attack and Regen capabilities.

Although the company is new, the people are actually veterans in this field. They were able to raise a seed round investment last October from Cyprus based video games company Wargaming and the team consist of local and foreign talents from gumi, Kabam and Perfect World with games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Brave Frontier, Wakfu Raiders, The Hobbit: Armies of the third age.

With a team like this, I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to quickly kink out any bugs and hopefully, provide a fair playing field for all Players.

Gazia Games


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