Bug Princess Duel – Bullets everywhere (recommended)


Are you a fan of the arcade shooter? Do you like dodging bulletSSSSSS. The popular Bug Princess flight shooter is back and packed with more features!


I have never been an expert in arcade flight shooters and this game just blew whatever’s left in my brain cells. Bullets of all shapes and sizes are pouring/raining down from the enemies and if you think that’s easy, to increase the challenge, players are suppose to “fly” around and catch Emeralds to increase your high score.


There are several different modes in the game to cater to different player’s challenge level.

Single Player
1. Original mode
2. Maniac mode
3. God mode
4. Special Match (events)

There’s also the Versus mode where players will pit themselves against another. The winner (based on score) will receive the opponent’s score and gold plus additional gifts!

kongbakpao_bugprincessduel_game1 kongbakpao_bugprincessduel_game2

Players are able to gacha for new mounts/bugs, characters with different skills and companions that will help defeat enemies. If you like arcade style flight shooter, this is definitely a must try.
Here’s me trying to avoid BALLS (sorry for the no sound)

The game is currently out on the Playstore supporting multiple languages.

NHN Entertainment Corp

Android Link
iOS Coming Soon


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