Buster Blitz Pre-Registration

Magic Box Asia is bringing another quality games to Southeast Asia. Buster Blitz also known as Puchibus in Japan. Buster Blitz is heading to Southeast Asia (SEA) packaged and localised as the first English version outside Japan.

Developed by Japanese game studio Drecom and published by Magic Box, Buster Blitz is currently holding a pre-registration event starting from March 30 until April 25 2016, where players can earn fantastic rewards such as lots of golds, magic stones, and 5-start rare Monsters even before the game launches!

Pre-Registration Period : From Mar 30th, 2016 until Apr 25th, 2016

Pre-Registration Details

Step 1 Pre-Register and get instant 25 Magic Stones, which serve as a currency in the world of Buster Blitz.

Step 2 Invite your friends to register and get the prizes when we hit the Pre-Registration goal.

Step 3 Summon random monsters every day for chance to get 5-star in-game character.

Step 4 Starting from Apr 9th, you can aim for one out of six prizes every day. Win up to 360 Magic Stones in total.

Step 5 Share the Pre-Registration campaign on your Facebook. Upon reaching the required milestone, every users will become VIP.

Pre-register Here


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