Can We Really Compare Land Based Casinos and Online Gaming?


When it comes to online gaming and land-based gaming, there seems to be two schools of thought. Some opt for the traditional aspects of playing card games with physical cards. Others enjoy the range and freedom that online offers. Really, both are completely different aspects of gaming and can’t really be compared. Both excel in different areas.

Variety of Games

One of the major differences between land-based and online casinos is the variety of games on offer. By nature, the land-based casino has a finite amount of options. They can offer whatever they can physically fit into the building. This means that the turnaround for games to change is a lot longer than the digital alternatives, which can flit between games at will. When it comes to slots, for example, land-based casinos have affixed machines. Online providers instead have several developers working on new online casino games constantly, including up to the minute releases timed to major events in pop culture, such as the latest cinema release or pop culture trend including Suicide Squad, Ted, and Baywatch. Land-based casinos struggle to be as timely, and focus instead on classic versions of the online slots and trends that tend to stay popular.

Casino Environment

Part of the enjoyment of a casino is the feeling of playing the games in the setting. Indeed, the environment in which someone is playing a game can have an influence on the tension factor involved in playing and how much adrenaline they exert.  Land-based casinos obviously have the atmosphere that a casino provides on tap, but the digital alternative utilizes modern techniques to mimic the intensity and excitement that a tense casino game offers. The design of many online casino providers brings in the glitz and glamour expected at a casino and sound effects and players’ scores amps up the tension. So, while players may not be in a casino, they are still dealt the feeling that they are, much like being in a land-based casino.

New Technologies

While land-based casinos have the major advantage of having croupiers and dealers in front of players, the digital alternatives of online casinos are hot on their heels with this one. Live casino, including blackjack, poker and roulette, means that players are able to interact somewhat with dealers, that amps up the already tense atmosphere. Online casino has always utilized the latest technology as the tech make-up of the games is part of the USP of its offering. Allowing players to experience some of the latest tech advancements before they are adopted by the mainstream is a bonus of online casinos and one that can be adapted quickly depending on how technology moves. By taking inspiration from other aspects of gaming, such as those from around the world, online gaming is able to incorporate the best of global gaming. This could include using themes from popular Japanese games for context in slots.

Land-based casinos and online casinos both have benefits and provide different enough experiences for players. Land-based casinos may have the edge on the traditional casino environment, but online offerings provide enough of a challenge in terms of new technologies in gameplay, variety of games, and pop culture experiences that the range allows them to entice a different class of casino gamer.


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