Cardboard Clash – Officially Launches on App Store Today


NetEase has announced the launch of their latest Mobile Battle Royale game called Cardboard Clash.

Instead of the realistic 3D look on traditional Battle Royale games, Cardboard Clash adopts a fresh, cute cartoon cardboard style graphics. Also, with shorter match time Cardboard Clash accepts players of all ages.

Cartoony Cardboard Art Style

The art style of Cardboard Clash is colorful and fun to watch. Players can create their characters using all kinds of different cardboards and then paint them as they wish. It’s up to you to build cute ones, handsome ones or exotic ones. The game puts a strong emphasis on user-generated content and offers a wider variety of options for character design. Many of the objects and terrains are destructible, making it enjoyable to explore the map.

Intense and Versatile Gameplay

The game is more of a 3D top-down shooter than a third-person shooter. With destructible objects and terrains, Cardboard Clash has much faster-paced matches and shorter match time for the hide and seek with campers. The two on-screen joysticks bring a more accurate and responsive control of characters and smoother aiming. The combination of various weapons and skills with different features makes different playing styles possible.



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