Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Announced – iOS Closed Beta


Hey what’s up awesome Pao-ers! Are there any Igavania (cue Richter going around a hellish mansion with his flaming Vampire Killer whip) fans here? Konami has just revealed their latest smartphone title: Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls today!

The game website has detailed that the game will have a 4 versus 4 PvP mode. How would that actually work for Castlevania’s platform mechanics? I am definitely curious to find out how this could turn out. Apart from that, the landscape orientation and on-screen buttons seem to replicate the classic experience together with a character swapping game system.

They have announced an iOS-only closed beta alongside the game and interested fans can register with their Apple ID here. This will probably require a Japanese Apple ID. Cheers to those whom are able to get in to try this really classic game! Let’s keep a lookout for Grimoire of Souls and be hopeful it’s looking for a release not too much later this year.

Konami Digital Entertainment

Official Website



  1. You’ve be gotta be kidding me!!
    I know this is a cash-grab-ish game but man, that Alucard pic is dope af.
    Wish there was CBT/OBT for Android (meaning if there will be an Android release).
    INB4, big f’ing Castlevania (IGA’s) Fan here

    • I am really hopeful the cash-grab parts isn’t tied in too closely with the game mechanics like Weapon Gacha for more damage (that’d totally ruin the system). Maybe we can buy entire characters for their different weapon movesets.

      • Sadly that seems to be the only freemium choice available, since Castlevania lacks a lot of characters to look for (total chars iirc were around 30~), rare weapons would be the gacha focus… being rare characters the second. Still looks promising, game looks like an updated (gfx) version of Dracula X Chronicles!!

        Hope Konami Kukeiha Club, Soshiro Hokkai, Yuka Watanabe and Masanoru Akita gets to compose the ost! (since Yamane is at Bloodstained [another IGAvania coming!])


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