Chief Puzzle Officer – Coming Soon


DuoFun Studios has announced a Q4 release for their first mobile game Chief Puzzle Officer. The game is developed by one of our fellow reader here so it’ll be great if all of us can give him our support!

Chief Puzzle Officer is a Connect-3 puzzle game with some traditional Mobile CCG battle element. Based on the short gameplay trailer, the game seems complicated enough which is a good thing if you’re a avid fan of connect-3 games.



Tactical Match-3: your position on the board actually matters.  Deal more damage when closer to your target.  Use an active ability to destroy a 3×3 grid next to you – double damage if an enemy’s on one of those tiles!

Real Time 4P Co-Op PvE: a shared HP bar means you win or lose as a team.  Be a hero and make everyone happy!

Guild Wars Real Time 3v3 PvP: our unique Guild Wars Reinforcements system lets you have a chance to jump into existing battles – even to take over for offline guildmates.  Their deck – you control it.

No Energy System for Core Game Modes: the reward for getting better at a game shouldn’t be to play it less.  Boo to energy systems.  But also boo to Korean grinders.  Our formula?  Enough interesting side content that grinding the core game modes is always an option but not the most lucrative option.

Deep Deck Building Choices: your executive card in the leader spot has a leader skill (more 2-chain damage, more blue tiles damage, decrease incoming red damage, faster tile-swapping cooldown timers, etc).  Each item has a cool effect.  Each executive has a snazzy active ability.  Want to stack red tile damage?  Go for it, but if the enemy notices the only items you drop on the board are red…

Upgrade Your MegaCorp Headquarter Buildings Together – By Playing the Game.  We’re really not a big fan of P2W.  The most efficient to upgrade buildings is going to be playing the game.  As each player plays a PvE or PvP battle, they earn the guild some cash and they earn themselves some salary to spend in the guild shop.  It’s a win-win.

Guild Card Shop: we like RNG, but we also don’t like RNG.  Pulling the gacha over and over to constantly miss out on a powerful card is the kind of RNG we don’t want.  Now, the Gacha is there (with a failsafe) – but there is also another way to definitively acquire cards to use in your deck.   If your guild purchases a card in the guild card shop using the aforementioned in-game earned guild currency – everyone in the guild has access to it.  Now if you play blue+green and your guild only ever buys red cards… … …


The game will be having it’s first beta test next month and I hope some of you here, will be willing to participate and support our fellow reader with his game development.

More details about the test will be coming so please remember to check back often!


  1. Thanks for all the support kbp and friends! I’m part of the team making this, and will be sure to let you guys know as we roll towards beta/launch/giveaways!


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