Chief Puzzle Officer – Pre-registration and Beta Test


DuoFun Studios has announced the pre-registration campaign for their upcoming mobile game, Chief Puzzle Officer. Beta Test for the game will commence tomorrow on the 15 of November, and if you’re interested in participating in this test, read on to find out more!

Chief Puzzle Officer is basically a match-3 RPG where Players are to create the most powerful and wealthy Megacorp. Your aim is to hire powerful Executives (card) and make use of their abilities to climb up the corporate ladder by winning Match-3 contests.


There are more than 100 different Executives, each with their own unique abilities for you to collect. Most importantly, this is a mobile game with NO ENERGY SYSTEM!


What’s interesting about the game is that it features a 4player co-op PVE system and also a 3v3 Guild Battles. This is something not commonly found in a Match-3 game thus I’m really interested to find out how things work.


Pre-register for the game now and get yourself some awesome prizes when the game launches. Also, if you’re interested in participating in the Beta Test, use the link below to pre-register, and you’ll automatically be invited to the Beta!

Pre-register Here


  1. Just launched Beta Phase 2!!!
    Introducing guild wars!
    MegaCorp Battle Mechanics:
    Phase 1: Each team race to grab 5 keys first. Keys are global items spawned randomly on tiles at the beginning of every turn.

    Phase 2: The team that grabs 5 keys first gets 20 seconds to steal money (damage) the enemy Vault! At the end of 20 seconds it’s back to Phase 1.

    The team that drains the other Vault’s money (a function of deck HP) first wins!


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