Chillingo and Codemasters team up to bring Battle Decks


Chillingo has partnered with Codemaster to publish their upcoming mobile game, Battle Decks on the App Store. If you like mobile card games, read on to find out more!

Developed by Codemasters’ Malta studio, Battle Decks is a strategic collectible card warfare game that allows gamers to charge into head-to-head, online player vs. player conflicts with unparalleled tactical depth. Assemble the ultimate deck from more than 1,000 cards featuring advanced and near future style units and weaponry, and move your units around the battlefield to execute unbeatable strategies and tactics.

kbp_battledecks_game1 kbp_battledecks_game2


Battle Decks is set to launch worldwide later this year on mobile devices. Since it’s a card game, I expect to see IAP for new booster pack cards.



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