Clash of Clans 360 – Experience VR Raid


With Virtual Reality becoming increasingly popular lately, how can the number one most popular Mobile Game ignore it? Supercell has recently released a 360 degrees Virtual Reality video which you definitely don’t want to miss!

In the video, viewers will take on the role of an Archer, on a tower, with another Archer, defending an attack. Viewers will be able to feel the action of a live raid. You’ll need to watch this on your smartphone so that you’ll be able to turn or spin to see a full 360 degrees view of your base. Better still, watch it on your Samsung Gear VR (or any VR headset) for an even better experience. You can watch it on your PC and turn the screen by dragging with your mouse button but the controls isn’t easy to navigate.

Also, a new patch is rumoured to be updated this week. Town hall 11 will be coming, a new Hero called Grand Warden, bigger maps and more defensive buildings!


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