Clash of Dawn – Mobile Action RPG


Ujoy has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Clash of Dawn. Players can now download the game from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can play the game in either English or Chinese.

Players can take part in this epic Action RPG by joining either the Knighthood or the Brotherhood sect. Both of them belong to the Mourner Force and their common goal is to defeat the Immortal of the Immortal Army.

The Knighthood and Brotherhood are in eternal conflict. Both of them wants to dominate the Kingdom, and it is up to you, the hero, to bring peace back to the opposing factions and stabilize the kingdoms. Players who reach level 20 and join the Sect can enter the battlefield in Sigh Canyon. The mission for players is to defeat the enemies from opposing Sect. The Sect, which kill the most in target time, will be the winner. Both top 50 and top 10 players from the 2 Sects can be rewarded with extra bonus.

Take part in the guild battle and fight for the honor of your Guild.

There are 4 classes for Players to choose from, The Artisan, Warrior, Mage and Knight. Each class has 2 different talent sets for Players to mix and match. Plan your character’s development well and be ready to participate in this ever growing war.



Android Link
iOS Link


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