Clash of Summoners


There’s a new mobile game clone in town! Published by TrendDNA Limited, Clash of Summoners is basically a Summoners War copycat with many familiar characters from the Blizzard universe.

Despite the lawsuit case between DotArena and Blizzard/Valve, certain developers are still willing to take the risk and blatantly develop games that are clearly infringing IP laws. However, as we know, there are many mobile games that are just copies of one another so let’s leave it to the officials to judge and we’ll only talk about the game’s play-ability here!


As mentioned earlier, Clash of Summoners is a Summoners War clone with many familiar characters from Blizzard’s universe (Warcraft, Diablo, Dota, etc.). However, since it’s published by a China company (Yes, I bet you know what’s coming), the most dreaded VIP system is in the game! I really hate games that gates their progression through the VIP system and limit the amount of energy you can recover per day. Unlike Summoners War where you can replenish your energy as long as you got enough Crystals, in Clash of Summoners, you can only replenish your energy 3 times a day and get more “times” by increasing your VIP level.


Rants aside, the game does have some pretty decent graphics to go along. The awakening system is also much easier for new players to achieve. There is no need to grind for essences to awaken your units but instead, you only need to feed monsters of the same element to awaken them.


Basically, if you’re bored with the current units available in Summoners War, you can try out Clash of Summoners instead. Although not entirely unique, some of the characters do have some pretty cool sprite.

PS: The only reason I’m writing this is because I just had some bad pulls in Summoners War. You can check out the pull video here

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