(CN) Torchlight Mobile – China Close Beta


Developed by Runic Games and published by China’s Perfect World, Torchlight Mobile is holding it’s first close beta test in China.

Torchlight Mobile is a Mobile Action RPG game that is easy to navigate. In the current Beta, there are 3 playable classes to choose from; Kitsune, Emberblade and Engineer. Similar to the original Torchlight series, the game emphasizes on it’s loot system where equipping different gears will change your character’s sprite accordingly thus creating a unique personalize sprite for each players.



As the Chinese version is co-developed with Perfect World, players will expect to see the more of the Chinese style interface. Combat is great as it has a semi auto aim system. As long as your character’s general direction is facing the enemy, your skills will definitely hit them. This is good for people who have fat fingers like me or devices with smaller screens which generally is difficult to navigate.

Close Beta is up now, I’m not sure how long it’ll last but if you want to have a feel of the game before the global release, I’ve actually uploaded the apk, you can get it below.

Download APK here




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