Crusaders Quest – 8 bit RPG Game (Highly Recommended)


The global release of Crusaders Quest is finally here. Published by NHN Entertainment Corp, this pixalated mobile RPG game features fast-paced action combined with a match-3 puzzle element. The game has some interesting story line that will definitely make capture the hearts of players.


The game features 8-bit graphics similar to Faraway Kingdom that will defintiely bring out the nostalgic feelings of older gamers. Players can choose from one of six unique classes and recruit more than 200 unique heroes as they journey through forests, deserts, deep seascapes, and volcanoes to save the goddesses. The best thing about the game is that you can slowly evolve your characters from 1* to 6* thus F2P players will not be pressured to make any in-app purchase to remain competitive. Furthermore, each time u evolve a character, it randomly changes into another character (of the same class) thus actually pro-longing the games longevity especially for players who like to collect them all.

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Game Mechanics

The game’s battle mode is like a mini runner game where characters will move from left to right and automatically attack monsters. Your role as a player is to unleash the character’s skill to quickly take down the enemies. Match 3 of the same skill icon to  unleash the spell with higher damage. Players must priortise which spell to cast first or which spell should be stored to deal maximum damage to the monsters.

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Other Features

There’s also raid bosses and PVP which are catered for higher level players to obtain better equipment and rewards.


Until now, after more than 3 hours of gameplay, I have yet to unlock the raid or pvp thus details will come in later. However, this 3 hours of playing was great and I highly recommend the game to all of you. This is easily one of the top 10 games in 2014. Game is out now on both iOS and Android.

Here’s my quick gameplay video (sorry for the sound distortion):

NHN Entertainment Corp

Android Link
iOS Linkx



  1. I’m having a blast with this game too, easily one of the best releases for 2014
    Anyway for the fellow gamers here planning to reroll a 4*, i tried 15 times, only got 3* haha. Bad luck or pre-determined, i dunno 😀

    1) Reroll till u get either a gunner or archer hero because you will already get Leon (Warrior) as your default hero. Range heroes are useful in a team

    2) Imo the random gacha that promises 3*-6* for 6 crystals has better overall value than the class specific ones that give 2*-6* for 7 crystals

    3) You will save 1 crystal with a consecutive gacha, so you only need 11 crystals to roll the 6 crystals gacha twice

    4) Certain heroes are needed to unlock special skills

    5) 3* hero will change to a random 4* hero of the same class upon promotion.

    Promotion requires the hero to first be at max level (exp from quests), max ranked (feeding bread) and a certain amount of honor points (stars)

    6) Honor points are needed to promote heroes, you can gather honor points in these few ways:
    – Winning arena matches
    – Completing quests (read the quest descriptions)
    – Under the heroes tab, you will see a blue button ‘Return’, essentially this button sells your unwanted heroes for honor points. The higher the lvl and rank the more honor points given, hence, level the hero to max before returning it to get the highest amount of honor points
    – Daily login rewards
    – Cash shop

    – Boss battles are tough initially, you may be lucky if a high level player with a full 5* team brings you along but i would recommend using your stamina and doing normal quests instead. Try to get a full 4* team and then try some boss matches.

    So far i have all these tips for u guys, feel free to ask me any.

  2. You can try dungeons, repeat maps that you can do easily and complete quests. Remember to feed bread to your heroes to boost their stats and promote them. A full team of 4 stars with Leon, healer and archer brought me through till the end of my 1st run..


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