Dance up – Move your body….. fingers :D


The earliest dancing game I remembered was Dance Dance Revolution from the arcades, next will be Audition on the PC and now Mstar was the latest one that I played. From playing with your feet, to your hands and now just your fingers, Dance up is the latest dancing app that I’ve found in the SG app store and would like to recommend to you guys.

There are 3 different game modes available:
1. Classic mode – You press the left, right or both buttons on the screen
2. Dance up Mode – You press a combination of keys on screen and when the bar moves to the indicator, you push a big button to align the bar (similar to the spacebar mode in Audition)
3. Bubble Mode – Bubbles will appear all over the screen and you have to press them with the beat.


The music in the game are mainly Mando-pop which includes most of the popular Taiwan singers like Jolin, Show, An Xin Ya and many more. Currently, the songs are more of the older but popular pop-songs rather then the new ones, the main Taiwan server probably has the latest songs.

Short game play of the bubble mode:

The game includes the usual cosmetic wardrobe in dancing games, a couple feature where you get to get married ingame and there’s also the guild feature.

Game Dreamer Limited
Android Link
iOS Link


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