DANCEVIL – Com2uS’s New Music Making Social Game


Hey what’s up Pao-ers. Today, I am excited to detail regarding Com2uS‘s newly announced global mobile title: DANCEVIL. This game title is really different and unique from the publisher’s usual RPG, Simulation and Sports games. What Dancevil have in stores for us is a music-making game where players are able create cute characters with unique dance moves as well as compose music with various in-game functions.

I really fell in love with the concept at first sight. This is probably a kind of game design in the light of what Nintendo would make for their portable consoles but Com2uS has surprised us mobile gaming aficionado with something really different (it’s 2018 and all we see are MOBAs and RPGs and Battle Royales) to add to our game library. The game also seem to feature extensive simulation features where players are able to interact with each other as well as watch one another’s creations. I do hope this game becomes the next phenomenon.

The game is currently already out in Closed Beta for Android. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to start jamming and dancing all night. Let’s party… on our smartphones! Hurray!


Google Play Closed Beta

Pre-Registration Website




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