Darkness Reborn Patch v1.1.2 – Wings for the Lunar New Year!


Darkness Reborn has been updated to patch 1.1.2 recently and with the coming of the Lunar New Year, players can expect more events and activities to do in game. Read on to find out more about what’s been added.

Patch 1.1.2 – What’s New



1. Turkish
– Turkish is added to Darkness Reborn

2. 4th Map Added: Ladune Desert
– 15 new desert stages
– Normal + Hard mode added in the new map
– 3 Bosses + various monsters added
– 4 rifts with desert theme added
– Items with new design added: 6 weapons, 2 armors, 6 types of armors with color variations

3. Max level increase from 60 -> 65

4. New Cash Shop Item: Wings
– Raven Wings and Devil Wings
– New equipment slot for wings
– Legendary item
– Starts from GS level 1 and can be enhanced and evolved like any other legendary item

5. Game Content Expanded
– Elemental Dungeon: Ladune Desert monster added
– Elemental Dungeon: Floors have been extended from 30 -> 35

6. Added New Achievements
– Added Ladune Desert achievements
– Added Elemental Dungeon achievements
– New achivements for evolving and salvaging equipment has been added

7. Implement Invite Friends System
– Use Facebook to invite friends to Darkness Reborn and get awards for doing so

8. Jewel Enhance/Evolve
– Enhance your jewels to its max and evolve them

9. Boss Raid
– Start your boss raids once all of your party members have finished loading into the stage
– If a party member is excessively slow at loading, then they will enter the boss raid later

Lunar New Year Event



2/11 – 2/23 PST


Progress through Rift, Elemental Dungeon, PVP mode and Boss Raid, for a chance to receive fortune cookie items.

Collect these fortune cookies and trade them in for Devil Strongboxes (a limit of 3 strongboxes per day).

Be sure to collect 100 fortune cookies to redeem your Devil’s Strongbox.

After the event ends, you may still exchange any remaining fortune cookies for a Devil Strongbox until right before the next maintenance.

Hope you guys enjoy the event and happy collecting!


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