Destiny Child – Global Pre-registration Up for Taiwan and Thailand Line Users


Shift Up and Line Games has announced the pre-registration event for the global version of Destiny Child. The game is slated to launch in December and Players from Taiwan and Thailand can now, pre-register for the game through your Line app.

First up, I have no idea if this will be the censored version of the game but from the recent history of games being complained, the chances are, we will be getting a censored version.

If you haven’t heard or played the game, this is a CCG typed game powered by the Live 2D engine where each character in the game is formed by over 200 different parts to give them a 3D vibe. It makes everything in the game look “bouncy”. However, if this is going to be the censored version, I guess you will not see anything “bounce” in the game.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Characters automatically deal damage periodically, while players can cast the character’s skill once it’s charged up. There is also a Drive Skill system similar to Limit Breaks and Fever Mode where you can spam your character’s skill for a limited time.

Currently, Users from Taiwan and Thailand can pre-register for the game with your LINE app. As for the rest of us, I believe more pre-registration methods will be opened over the next few days. However, you can now link your Twitter or Facebook account to participate in the “Get 5* Share Gacha!!” event.

Official Page
Pre-registration Page


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